Barbell Shrug: How To Do, Muscle Worked and Benefits

Barbell Shoulder Shrug

You’re aware that the most effective way to build up your traps is by consistently doing barbell shoulder shrugs during your workout routine. Barbell Shrugs, also known as barbell shoulder shrugs, are a popular choice of exercise for strengthening your Trapezius, upper back, shoulder muscles, neck, and upper arms too. It also helps to improve … Read more

Behind The Back Barbell Shrugs: Muscle Worked & Benefits

behind the back barbell shrugs

Are you interested in taking your trap workout to the next level? The shrugs behind the back barbell might be the exercise you’ve been missing. While traditional barbell shrugs are great for targeting the trapezius muscles, behind the back barbell shrugs offer a fresh twist by engaging different muscle groups and delivering remarkable benefits. The … Read more