Barbell Front Raise: Muscles Worked, Form and Alternatives

Barbell Front Raise

If you want to strengthen your shoulders, the barbell front raise exercise is a great place to start. The barbell front raise is an effective shoulder exercise that targets the front deltoids. It also engages the lateral deltoids, upper chest, and trapezius muscles to a lesser extent. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you … Read more

Svend Press: Benefits, Muscle Worked and Variations

Svend Press Benefits, Muscle Worked and Varations

Are you tired of doing the same old exercises like bench press and push-ups to get a toned chest? The Svend Press is an underrated but incredibly effective chest exercise that is gaining traction in gyms and home workouts. This unique chest press variant offers a new avenue to target your chest, deltoids, and even … Read more

Reverse Cable Fly: Muscle Worked, How To Do and Form

Reverse Cable Fly

The reverse cable fly, also known as the Cable rear delt fly, is an exercise that increases deltoid muscle definition and strength. The standing reverse cable fly exercise targets your upper back muscles and shoulder muscles, particularly the posterior deltoids, or rear deltoids, on the backside of your shoulders. A well-developed rear deltoid not only enhances your physique, but also … Read more

Cable Front Raise: Muscles Worked, Benefits, Tips

Cable Front Raise .

If you’re looking to add some variety to your shoulder workout, the cable front raise is a great exercise to try. The cable front raise is an effective exercise for building strength, size, and mobility in the shoulder muscles, particularly the anterior deltoids. During it, the other heads of the deltoid muscle group are also … Read more

Leaning Lateral Raise: Muscles Worked, Benefits and Tips

Leaning Lateral Raise

If you’re looking for a way to target your shoulders, and core in one exercise, the leaning lateral raise is definitely worth adding to your workout routine. Leaning away lateral raise strengthen the stabilizing muscles in your shoulders and improves your muscle balance. Your shoulders are probably your most noticeable body part. Whether you are … Read more

7 Gym Machine Shoulder Workout (Top Exercises, Muscle Worked)

Gym Machine Shoulder Workout

Your shoulders are very important joints and muscles in your body. They enable one to move their arms in a variety of ways, including lifting, pushing, and pulling. Strong and healthy shoulders are essential for everyday activities, as well as for many sports and exercises. Building strong, stable shoulders is important for preventing injuries, improving … Read more

Pike Push-Ups: How To Do, Muscle Worked, Benefits

Pike Push Up.

If you’re looking to increase strength, muscle mass or both in your shoulders and arms, pike push-ups are a great exercise to do. Pike push-ups are a difficult version of the traditional push-up that emphasizes your shoulder muscles and also train your triceps and chest. Incorporating this type of push-up into your exercise routine can … Read more

Best Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises To Build Mass And Strength

Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises

If you want to build a muscular body, developing your shoulders is likely to be one of your top priorities. Dumbbell shoulder exercises are one of the best ways to build up shoulder mass and get full, dense shoulders. Unlike the fixed motion of barbells and machines, dumbbells allow for a wider range of motion … Read more

Pec Deck Rear Delt Machine Fly: How To Do, Muscle Worked

Pec Deck Rear Delt Machine Fly

The machine rear delt fly also known as reverse pec deck fly is a simple yet effective exercise that increases deltoid muscle definition and strength. The pec deck rear delt machine fly¬†targets your upper back muscles and shoulder muscles, particularly the¬†rear deltoids, (backside of your shoulders), Traps and rhomboid. A well-developed rear delt that is a … Read more