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Single Arm Lateral Raise (With Dumbbell and Cable)

Single Arm Lateral Raise

The single-arm lateral raise is a variation of the lateral raise that helps build the shoulder muscles. This isolation exercise blasts your side delts, helps correct muscle imbalances, and builds core stability. You can do the lateral raise exercise with both arms, but it’s better to do it with just one arm. This will make … Read more

Single-Arm Cable Front Raise: How-to guide

Single Arm Cable Front Raise

You want those strong, round shoulders that make you look powerful and athletic. Well, the single-arm cable front raise can seriously help you get there. We all have one side that’s a little stronger, right? Instead of working both shoulders at once, you focus all the attention on one arm at a time. This exercise … Read more

Best Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises To Build Mass And Strength

Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises

If you want to strengthen your upper body, you should work on your shoulders first. And dumbbell shoulder exercises are among the best ways to build up shoulder mass and get full, dense shoulders. Unlike the fixed motion of barbells and machines, dumbbells allow for a wider range of motion and increased stabilization demands. It … Read more

Shoulder Press On Machine: How To Use, Muscles Worked & Form

Machine Shoulder Press

New to strength training or bored by free weights shoulder exercises? The seated shoulder press machine is a fantastic way to strengthen your shoulders. It’s guided movement and stable platform make it easier to master proper form and build a solid foundation. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the shoulder press machine … Read more

10 Best Upper Trap Exercises (For Strength and Size)

Best Upper Trap Exercises

You must strengthen your upper trap to build bigger traps and develop your upper back. The upper trapezius muscle is one of the most important muscles and is responsible for shoulder movement, stability, and posture. Many people think heavy deadlifts and rows are enough for trap development. Wrong! The traps have three distinct sections, each … Read more

Barbell Upright Row: Muscles Worked, How To Do and Form

Barbell Upright Row

The barbell upright row is one of the best exercises to build a stronger and bigger shoulder and upper back. But it’s important to do it correctly to protect your shoulders. Incorrect technique can prevent you from reaping the muscle-building benefits. And it also places undue pressure on your shoulders and increases your risk of … Read more

Around The World For Strong Shoulder and Abs

Around The World For Strong Shoulder And Abs

Do you ever struggle lifting heavy items or wincing while reaching high shelves? A weak core and underdeveloped shoulders can make everything harder. Thankfully, the Around the World exercise can help you strengthen your upper body. The Around the World exercise is a great way to work both your shoulders and abs in one easy … Read more

Cable Upright Row: Muscles Worked, Benefits, Form

Cable Upright Row

Ready to sculpt strong, 3D shoulders? Forget endless should press—it’s time to introduce the cable upright row to your routine. This powerful exercise unlocks maximum shoulder growth and strength. It helps you build bigger and stronger traps and deltoids. A cable pulley machine can be used for an upright row because it provides constant tension … Read more

Rear Delt Row With Dumbbell, Barbell, and Cable Machine

Rear Delt Row

Are you tired of the same old shoulder exercises that only work the front and side of your shoulders? It’s time to switch things up and target the often-neglected rear deltoids with the rear delt row. Rear Delt row is a very effective and functional exercise for building muscle and strength in the rear deltoids … Read more