Low Cable Row: How To Do and Muscles Worked

Low Cable Row

The low cable row is an upper body exercise that primarily targets the middle and upper back muscles, including the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius, and rear deltoids. Additionally, it works on the arms, core, and shoulders. It is done using a cable machine with an adjustable pulley that is set at a lower position. This low cable row can … Read more

Behind The Back Barbell Shrugs

behind the back barbell shrugs

Are you interested in taking your trap workout to the next level? The behind-the-back barbell shrugs might be the exercise you’ve been missing. Shrugs, also known as shoulder shrugs, are isolation exercises that target your trapezius muscles, specifically the upper trap. While traditional barbell shrugs are great for targeting the trapezius muscles, but behind-the-back barbell … Read more

12 Compound Shoulder Exercises for Mass and Strength

Compound Shoulder Workout

You may be training your shoulders regularly, but you won’t gain the strength and size you need unless you incorporate compound shoulder exercises into your routine. Compound shoulder exercises are a great way to build shoulder muscle mass and strength. Before switching to compound lifts, I was stuck in the front and lateral raise rut … Read more

Resistance Band Upright Row

Resistance Band Upright Row

The resistance band upright row is one of the best variations of the upright row that you can do anywhere to build the shoulders and trap muscles. Bands upright row reduce the strain on your joints compared to traditional weights. It’s one of the best workouts you can do at home, but it’s important to … Read more

Kettlebell Upright Row: Muscles Worked, Benefits

kettlebell Upright Row

The Kettlebell upright row is a compound exercise that builds stronger and bigger traps, and rear deltoids (Shoulder). It is one of the best variations of the dumbbell upright row. Due to the kettlebell’s close grip, it activates more trapezius muscle fibers and comparatively fewer delt muscles compared to a wide-grip barbell upright row. Also, … Read more

21 Best Front Deltoid Exercises: Build Strong, Defined Shoulders

Best Anterior deltoid (Front Deltoid) Exercises & Workout

Big, strong, rounded shoulders have numerous benefits besides just looking good. The deltoids are among the most important muscles in the body, as we use them in everyday life to push, pull, and lift objects over our heads. You may be surprised to know that your anterior deltoids are the biggest of the three deltoid … Read more

12 Best Rear Delt Cable Exercises (With Workout Routines)

Rear Delt Cable Exercises

As a trainer, I see many clients struggle with rounded shoulders and the nagging feeling of weakness between their shoulder blades. The culprit? Underdeveloped rear delts. Rear deltoids are often overlooked in shoulder workouts, but they are important for maintaining good posture and preventing injuries. Cable rear delt exercises are a great way to improve … Read more