Decline Dumbbell Fly: Muscle Worked, Benefits, Variations

Decline dumbbell fly

Do you want to take your chest workout to the next level? Look no further than the decline dumbbell fly. This exercise targets the lower chest muscles, giving you a chiseled and defined look. The lower chest is one of the harder areas to train because of the lack of variations available and the limited … Read more

Incline Cable Fly: Muscles Worked, Benefits, Alternatives

Incline Cable Fly

Looking to take your upper chest workout to the next level? Look no further than the incline cable fly. The Cable Incline PEC Fly is one of the best exercises for targeting the often neglected clavicular head of the pectoralis major. That helps to strengthen the upper body by training the chest and shoulders. In … Read more

Cable Fly: Muscles Worked, Alternate, Variations

Cable fly Muscle Worked, Alternative, Form

If you want to build bigger and stronger chest muscles, cable fly is one of the best exercises you can do. As your chest muscles strengthen, you challenge them in different ways to grow them. You need variety, intensity, and frequency to achieve this. And cable chest flies are one of the best ways to … Read more

At-Home Chest Workout: Without and With Dumbbell

Chest Workout at Home No Bench, No Problem

Forget expensive gym memberships and bulky equipment – you can achieve a strong, sculpted chest from your home. No waiting for machines, no awkward gym commutes, just you and a few simple yet effective chest exercises. A well-defined chest isn’t just about aesthetics; it symbolizes strength and power. Let’s know how to build a bigger … Read more

Cobra Push Up: How To Do, Muscles Worked and Benefits

Cobra Push Up

Looking to spice up your push-up routine? Look no further than the Cobra Push-Up. This variation on the classic exercise not only targets your chest and triceps, but also engages your core and back muscles for an added challenge. Not only will you build strength, but also improve your posture, flexibility, and stability. The cobra … Read more

Wall Push-Ups: Benefits, How To Do, Muscles Worked & Form

Wall Push ups

Wall push-ups are a great bodyweight exercise that can help strengthen your chest, shoulders, and triceps. They can also help improve your posture and stability and increase your upper body strength and endurance. Standing push-ups are a low-impact exercise that people of all fitness levels can do. So, they are a good choice for people … Read more

Reverse Grip Bench Press: Muscles Worked, Benefits, How-To

Reverse Grip Bench Press

If you want to learn more about reverse-grip barbell press for developing your chest, triceps, and shoulders. Or, If you want to try a new way of doing bench press to make your upper body look more defined, read the whole blog.  The reverse grip bench press is an incredibly effective exercise to target the … Read more

10 Best Chest Exercises Without Equipment or Weight

Chest exercises without weight

A well-shaped chest is a sign of good physique; to build it, we need to train it from different angles. However, many believe building a bigger chest requires going to the gym or using the equipment. There are, in fact, many exercises that you can do at home or outside without weights or equipment. Your … Read more

Wide Grip Push Ups: How To Do, Muscles Worked & Benefits

Wide Push-Ups

If you’ve mastered regular pushups and want to try challenging push-up variations, wide pushups are a good option for you. It provides all the benefits of a normal push-up, with a special focus on the shoulder and outer chest. It has many benefits as well. That includes increased shoulder and chest muscle activations, improved core strength … Read more