14 Best Cable Chest Exercises (With Workout Routines)

Best cable chest Exercises and Workout Routine

Cable chest exercises are a great alternative for people who experience discomfort in their joints during the bench press. Cable exercises are an effective means of training your chest muscles due to their versatility (endless possibilities for chest training), smooth, constant tension (uninterrupted time under tension) on your muscles, and good range of motion. They can … Read more

12 Best Chest and Triceps Exercises (With Workout Routines)

chest and tricep exercises and workout

If you are looking for the best chest and tricep workout, then you have come to the right place. Combining chest and tricep workouts in a single session has proven to maximize muscle development and strength gains. The connection between the chest and triceps is undeniable. These muscles work together during exercises like bench presses and … Read more

Cross Arm Push Up

Cross Arm Push Up

The cross-arm push-up, also known as the X Push-Up, is a variation of the standard push-up that adds a unique arm position (X shape) to increase the intensity and more effectively engage different muscle groups. Instead of placing your hands shoulder-width apart, you should put your right arm toward the left shoulder and your left … Read more

What Muscles Do Push-Ups Work?

Push-Ups Muscle Worked, Benefit, Alternate, Variations

Push-ups are a popular bodyweight exercise that works multiple muscle groups to help you build a stronger and bigger upper body. While push-ups primarily target the chest muscles, they also engage several other muscles, including the shoulders, triceps, and core. Understanding the specific muscles worked during different push-ups variations can help you tailor your workout … Read more

Cable Crossover: How To Do, Muscles Worked and Form

cable crossover

Relying solely on the bench press may not be enough to achieve a well-developed chest. Compound lifts are good for building muscles, but you can also do isolate (single-joint) movements like cable crossover that work specific muscle groups to strengthen your muscles. Bodybuilders have long been using the cable crossover exercise. This technique allows them to … Read more

Dumbbell Chest Fly: How To Do, Muscles Worked, and Form

Dumbbell Chest Fly

If you want to build a bigger and better-shaped chest, dumbbell chest fly are a must-have addition to your chest workout routine. The dumbbell fly is a bodybuilding favorite and a chest isolation exercise, usually performed after big compound lifts, such as the barbell press and incline bench press. They are considered the perfect finishing … Read more

Machine Chest Fly: How To Do, Muscles Worked, Benefits

Machine Chest Fly or Pec Deck Fly

The machine chest fly is a strength training exercise that works the chest muscles. It is a popular exercise in gyms and fitness centers because it isolates the chest muscles. This means the exercise only works the chest muscles without actively working the triceps or shoulders. This exercise provides a smooth and controlled movement, resulting … Read more

15 Best Upper Chest Exercises for Mass and Strength

Upper Chest Exercises

Looking to build a bigger, stronger, and more defined upper chest? If so, you’re not alone. The upper chest is one of the most coveted and admired muscle groups, and for good reason. A well-defined chest is a true symbol of strength and masculinity. However, sculpting the chest is not easy; it requires a targeted approach … Read more