Weighted Bench Dip: How To Do, Muscles Worked & Benefits

Weighted Bench Dip

Weighted bench dips are a more challenging variation of bench dips, that is done by adding weight to the legs. When performed with strict form, the weighted bench dip is an effective exercise to build your triceps. It also targets the shoulders, chest, and serratus anterior. In this article, you will learn everything you need to … Read more

7 Best Tricep Push-Ups To Build Strong, Muscular Arms

Most Effective Tricep Push-Ups To Build Strong, Muscular Arms

If you want to train your tricep at home, then these push-up variations are all you need to get the start. The Push-up is one of the greatest general conditioning exercises for the outdoor athlete, it can be performed, regardless of where you are and, best of all, they are completely free—no expensive equipment or … Read more

Overhead Tricep Extension: How To Do, Muscle Worked, Variations

Overhead tricep extension

The overhead tricep extension is an isolation exercise that works the muscle on the back of the upper arm, known as the triceps. It is a targeted workout that helps improve the tricep muscle strength, stability and athletic performance. The Overhead tricep extension is a versatile movement that targets your tricep muscles by repetitively flexing … Read more