Single Arm Shoulder Press: Muscles Worked, Benefits & Tips

The single-arm shoulder press is a solid, compound movement that can really bulk up the shoulder when done with heavy weights and done correctly.

Dumbbell one-arm overhead press is a great compound exercise for the anterior (Front) delts, and lateral deltoid more.

You can do it in so many ways. But, we’ll focus on the standing dumbbell overhead press, as it’s a very popular, yet effective variation.

The single-arm dumbbell shoulder press is a unilateral exercise that increases shoulder strength, stability, and symmetry. Performing the exercise with one arm at a time will actively engage the core throughout the range of motion.

Muscles Worked During Single Arm Cable Lateral Raise

The single arm cable lateral raise is a shoulder exercise that primarily targets the lateral deltoid muscle. This is the middle portion of the deltoid muscle, which is responsible for raising the arm out to the side.

In addition to the lateral deltoid, the single arm cable lateral raise also works the following muscles:

A handful of other muscles worked or play the role of stabilizer muscles during overhead one arm dumbbell press include your,

How To Do One Arm DB Shoulder Press

One Arm Shoulder Press
  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in your one hand.
  2. Extend through your elbow to lift the dumbbell directly above you.
  3. Slowly lower the dumbbell back to the starting position.
  4. After completing all reps on the right side, repeat on the left side.
  5. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.
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Overhead Single Dumbbell Press Tips

  • Keep your torso still, your back straight, and your elbow slightly bent.
  • Don’t allow your torso to sway to one side or the other as you press the weight overhead.
  • Keep a controlled motion and avoid jerky movements.
  • Always use weights that you can handle comfortably.
  • Keep the tension on your shoulder as you press the weight up.
  • If you want to keep more tension through the side delts, use a slightly slower eccentric than normal.
  • Always use the longest range of motion possible and control the dumbbells throughout the set.
  • It is wise to work the weakest arm first. This is most often the left arm.

One Arm Shoulder Press Benefits

1. Builds shoulder strength and muscle mass

This exercise is a single-arm exercise that isolates each shoulder and focuses on building strength and size in the deltoids.

2. Improves shoulder stability

Working one shoulder at a time requires more control and stabilization from smaller muscle groups like the rotator cuff. This can improve shoulder joint stability.

3. Increased focus

Working one shoulder at a time allows for greater focus on working the muscle

4. Enhances core strength

To do a one-arm press correctly, your core muscles need to work hard to keep your body stable and prevent leaning or turning. This enhanced core activation helps build a stronger midsection.

5. Prevents muscle imbalances

Focusing on one side at a time helps you find and prevent muscle imbalances or weaknesses between your left and right shoulders.

6. Variety from regular presses

The one-arm version provides variety if you’re used to two-arm overhead pressing movements. It gives your shoulders a new stimulus to adapt to.

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