10 Best Shoulder Exercises To Build Mass

Shoulder Exercises and Workout

If you want to strengthen and define your shoulder, you have to include the best exercises in your shoulder workout routine. Shoulder exercises help build strength in your upper body and improve your overall body shape. To achieve this, you must train with various shoulder exercises that help you develop the anterior deltoid (in front), … Read more

Scapular Pull Ups: How To Do, Muscles Worked & Benefits

Scapular Pull Ups

Scapular pull-ups, or Scapula pull-ups are one of the best exercises for strengthening the upper back muscles and improving shoulder strength and mobility. Adding a scapular pull-up to your workout routine can help you build more muscle and strengthen weak spots in your shoulders and back. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about how … Read more

Scapula Push Ups: Muscles Worked, How To Do & Benefits

Scapula Push Ups

Scapula Push-Ups, or Scap Push–Ups are one of the best exercises for strengthening the upper back muscles and improving shoulder strength and mobility. Incorporating Scap Pushups into your exercise routine can help to build additional strength, muscle mass and improve weak areas in your shoulders and upper back. Scapular retraction push-ups are one of the greatest conditioning … Read more

Cable Shoulder Press: Muscles Worked, How To Do, Form & Its Benefits

Cable Shoulder Press

The cable shoulder press is one of the best exercises to target your deltoid muscles. It is one of the few cable exercises that target all the three heads of the deltoid. You can do a lot of work for any muscle group or work your entire body in a cable station. If you’re not … Read more

Plate Front Raise: How To Do, Muscle Worked & Tips

Plate Front Raise How To Do, Muscle Worked & Tips

Among the many shoulder exercises, there is one that promises to shape those deltoids and make your upper body stronger: the plate front raise. This is a simple and effective exercise that many people don’t think about. It uses a simple weight plate to work on your anterior deltoids. The plate front raise is a … Read more

How To Do Rear Delt Cable Pull Correctly

Rear Delt Cable Pull

Rear Delt Cable Pull also known as rear delt row primarily targets the posterior deltoids of the shoulder, which are often neglected by other shoulder exercises. You use a cable pulley machine to pull the weight straight toward your forehead. Exercising the rear delts will prevent muscular imbalance and build overall shoulder strength. This exercise … Read more

Single Arm Shoulder Press: Muscles Worked, Benefits & Tips

one arm shoulder press

The single-arm shoulder press is a solid, compound movement that can really bulk up the shoulder when done with heavy weights and done correctly. Dumbbell one-arm overhead press is a great compound exercise for the anterior (Front) delts, and lateral deltoid more. You can do it in so many ways. But, we’ll focus on the … Read more

One Arm Cable Lateral Raise: How To Do, Muscles Worked

One Arm Cable Lateral Raise

The single arm cable lateral raise is a variation of the lateral raise that uses a cable to build the muscles of the shoulders. Using the cable pulley machine is helpful because it provides constant tension on the target muscle group as you move the weight through the range of motion. The one-arm cable lateral … Read more

5 Best Shoulder Push-Ups To Build Strength & Mass

push ups for shoulders

The push-up is one of the best bodyweight exercises for targeting muscles of the upper body. Similar to many other upper-body pressing exercises, push-ups recruit and train your chest, deltoid, and triceps muscle groups. Push-ups are often thought of as a chest-building exercise, but there are many variations of push-ups that are great for targeting … Read more