What to Mix Protein Powder With

Protein powder is essential for those on a high-protein diet or who can’t get enough protein through daily meals.

It’s a fantastic way to build muscle mass and lose fat more efficiently. However, even with all the variety of flavors available, one may get sick of it after a while.

So, what should you mix protein powder with to avoid that?

Where possible, you need to learn some creative ways to consume your daily dose of protein without getting the potential ick that sometimes comes with straight protein powder. Besides water, we came up with a few great ideas to try. Keep reading for more!

6 Best Ways to Use Protein Powder More Creatively

Of course, water is always the cheapest option with the least calories. Moreover, it hydrates your body and is easily accessible. However, sometimes mixing protein powder with water doesn’t make it an enjoyable snack.

Thus, we listed six of our favorite recipes to include protein powder in (Hint: They’re not all drinks!). 

1. Avocado and Banana Smoothie

Fruits are a great natural source of electrolytes. Making a fruit smoothie using protein powder is one of the simplest alternatives to water. On top of that, it tastes spectacular and provides additional electrolytes and antioxidants.

Blend a frozen banana and half an avocado with a cup of almond milk. Then, add one scoop of plain or vanilla-flavored protein powder with a handful of your favorite greens.

That’s it! As for the outcome, it’s a delicious, creamy smoothie that’s out of this world.

Avocado and Banana Smoothie

2. Protein Yogurt Bowl

When it comes to the ingredients you can add to yogurt bowls, the sky’s the limit. Our recommendation is the most epic flavor combo to exist—chocolate and peanut butter.

Mix plain Greek yogurt with a scoop of chocolate protein powder and some peanut butter, (preferably containing only peanuts and no added sugar). Along with a dash of cinnamon, you can add any topping you like. Here are some topping ideas:

  • Fruits: Bananas, strawberries, blueberries
  • Dried Fruits: Raisins, dried cherries, cranberries
  • Nuts: Pecans, walnuts, peanuts
  • Seeds: Chia seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds
Protein Yogurt Bowl

3. Iced Latte Protein Shake

Need to feel alert and energized pre- or post-workout? Mixing protein powder with coffee can be another terrific idea. It’s a successful way to sneak in your dose of protein without changing your daily habits. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be plain coffee. You can prepare a refreshing iced latte.

Add a scoop of unflavored protein to half a cup of chilled coffee before adding milk. For flavoring, you can use almond milk instead of regular milk, add a dash of vanilla extract, or sprinkle some cinnamon on top.

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4. Luscious Protein Oat Waffles

Waffles make an appetizing breakfast. You can even make them healthier by using blended rolled oats instead of regular flour. You just need to substitute the flour and combine a scoop of protein powder with your traditional waffle recipe.

Then, add a suitable amount of batter to the waffle iron and let it cook until golden and crispy. As a final touch, add your favorite toppings.

5. Protein Popcorn

Yes, you can indeed sprinkle protein powder over popcorn as an alternative to unhealthy butter. In fact, it’s quite delicious. 

Prepare your popcorn as usual. After it pops, you must work quickly to get the protein powder to stick.

To do that, spray the freshly popped popcorn with cooking spray and toss it to coat evenly. Then, sprinkle the protein powder quickly, along with salt and other seasonings. Immediately after, give the bowl another toss to make sure it’s all mixed in.

If you’re a fan of sweet and salty mixes, you can use a flavored protein powder. This is a blend you won’t want to miss.

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6. Protein Rich Mashed Potatoes

It doesn’t hurt to add some unflavored protein powder to your favorite savory dishes. As our last suggestion, we bring you a mouth-watering, loved-by-all classic: mashed potatoes.

Typically, this meal contains a starchy vegetable mixed with fatty ingredients. Such a combination may not be the best option for health-conscious individuals. Luckily, there’s still a way to enjoy your mashed potatoes.

Mainly, for each pound of potatoes, you can add up to three scoops of protein powder. You can also use 1% milk and fat-free sour cream for a meal with less fat content.

Try some unflavored protein powder, unless you want chocolate mashed taters!

Protein Rich Mashed Potatoes

A Final Thought

Protein powder is one of the easiest ways to get the protein intake your body needs. However, having it daily can be boring for some. That’s why knowing what to mix protein powder with to change things up is a great idea.

In addition to the previously mentioned recipes, you can experiment in the kitchen. For example, you may use flavored protein powder in certain dishes to enhance the taste. On the other hand, you might add unflavored types just for the nutritional value.

Whether a dessert, a sauce, or a baked treat, be creative and see what works for you and your fitness goals.

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