Chris Bumstead Profile: Height, Wight, Age, Net Worth, Family, Training and Diet

Chris Bumstead (Christopher Adam Bumstead) also called CBum by his fans, is a bodybuilder from Canada who competes in the IFBB Classic Physique Professional competition.

He is one of the most popular and successful bodybuilders in the world. He is known for his incredible physique and dedication to the sport.

He is the current Classic Physique Olympia champion and has won the competition four times in a row in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. 

In this blog, we will provide a complete profile of Chris Bumstead, including his height, weight, age, net worth, and family.

Early Life and Background of Chris Bumstead

Chris Bumstead was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on February 2, 1995. From a young age, Chris showcased an innate passion for physical fitness.

His initial interactions with sports weren’t directly tied to bodybuilding. He, like many Canadian youngsters, was interested in hockey and other traditional sports. However, as the years progressed, a pull towards the weight room became evident.

By his late teens, the casual gym sessions became dedicated workouts. Chris’s goal was to achieve a physique that would one day be unparalleled on the world’s most prestigious bodybuilding stages.

His early bodybuilding journey was filled with both challenges and triumphs. His dedication and raw potential were undeniable. As he kept improving his skills, people in the bodybuilding industry started to notice.

Chris Bumstead’s introduction to bodybuilding was through his sister’s boyfriend, Iain Valliere, who is also an IFBB Professional bodybuilder. 

Valliere saw potential in Bumstead and helped him prepare for his first competition in 2014 when he was just 19 years old.

Early Life and Background of Chris Bumstead

Physical Stats of Chris Bumstead

CBum Age

Chris Bumstead is 28 years old and was born on February 2, 1995, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Chris Bumstead Height

Chris Bumstead, who is tall and imposing, possesses a height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

He is taller than many of his competitors, which gives him a commanding presence on the bodybuilding stage.

Chris Bumstead Weight

During competition season, Chris is known to weigh in at around 230-235 pounds (104-106 kg).

However, during the off-season, as he focuses on growth and recovery, his weight can climb to an impressive range of 250-260 pounds (113-118 kg).

This fluctuation is typical in bodybuilding, as athletes cycle between bulking and cutting phases to optimize muscle growth and definition.

Chris Bumstead Height

Chris Bumstead Other Body Part Measurements                    

Body Part Inch/cm
Waist30″ (76 cm)
Chest51″ (130 cm)
Arms20″ (51 cm)
Thighs30″ (76 cm)
Calves20″ (51 cm)

Other Notable Physical Features

  • Muscular Definition: One of the standout attributes of Chris’s physique is his impeccable muscle definition. His clear separation between muscle groups, particularly his serratus, obliques, and the iconic “Bumstead abs,” sets him apart from many competitors.
  • V-Taper: Chris possesses a pronounced V-taper, accentuated by his broad shoulders narrowing down to a tight waist.
  • Legs: In a sport where every muscle counts, Chris’s quad development and calf size are noteworthy. His legs not only provide a strong base for his upper body but also showcase symmetry.
  • Classic Look: His physique harmoniously blends size, symmetry, and aesthetics.
Physical Stats of Chris Bumstead

Professional Career Highlights of Chris Bumstead

Chris began his competitive journey in 2014 at the age of 19, and within a short span, he secured third place at the Dayana Cadeau Classic in 2016.


  • IFBB North American Championships, Heavyweight, 1st (earned IFBB pro card)
  • IFBB Dayana Cadeau Classic, Classic Physique, 3rd


  • IFBB Pittsburgh Pro, Classic Physique, 1st
  • IFBB Toronto Pro, Classic Physique, 1st
  • Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique, 2nd


  • Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique, 2nd


  • Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique, 1st


  • Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique, 1st


  • Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique, 1st


  • Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique, 1st
Professional Career Highlights of Chris Bumstead

Chris Bumstead Net Worth

According to various sources, Chris Bumstead estimated net worth is between $5-6 million. His net worth comes from various sources, including his professional bodybuilding career, sponsorships, and endorsements.

Chris Bumstead has received endorsements from popular supplement brands in the past. He was also sponsored by Gymshark, who are known to make big-money endorsements.

He has a large social media following, with 18.7 million followers on Instagram and 3.38 million followers on YouTube, which also contributes to his income.

In addition to his social media presence, Chris Bumstead has also collaborated with various fitness brands and has his own clothing line, Cbum Apparel.

Chris Bumstead Net Worth

Key sponsorships, brand endorsements, and collaborations:

  • Reebok
  • MuscleTech
  • Raw Nutrition
  • GymShark
  • Alpha Lion
  • BPI Sports
  • Rogue Fitness
  • MAN Sports Nutrition
  • Carbon Athletics
  • Barbell Apparel
  • Gorilla Wear
  • Shredded Sports Nutrition

Chris Bumstead Training Routine

Chris “CBum” Bumstead, the multiple-time Mr. Olympia Classic Physique champion, is well-known not only for his iconic look, but also for his intense and dedicated training regimen.

His routines focus on a mix of strength, hypertrophy, and symmetry, laying the foundation for his classic physique.

Here’s a general overview of Chris Bumstead’s (often referred to as CBum) training approach:

1. Periodization

Chris often follows a periodized program, where he adjusts his training variables every few weeks. This approach ensures continuous muscle stimulation and reduces plateaus.

2. Compound Movements

A cornerstone of his training, Chris emphasizes heavy compound movements like:

Chris Bumstead Compound Workout

3. Training Split

He follows a 5-day training split, which involves training different muscle groups on separate days.

Chris Bumstead’s workout routine involves a 5-day training split, where he trains back, chest, hamstrings/glutes, shoulders, and quads on separate days

4. Intensity Techniques

Chris occasionally incorporates advanced techniques to boost intensity and muscle growth, such as:

  • Drop sets
  • Supersets
  • Giant sets
  • Rest-pause sets

5. Cardio

While he does not over-emphasize cardio in the off-season, pre-contest prep often involves a mix of steady-state and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions to shred fat while preserving muscle.

6. Core Training

To maintain his tight waist and pronounced abs, CBum integrates core-specific exercises into his regimen. His core also benefits significantly from the stabilization required in heavy compound lifts.

7. Recovery

Chris understands the importance of recovery. He ensures adequate sleep, uses techniques like stretching, foam rolling, and occasionally gets deep tissue massages or other recovery treatments.

Chris Bumstead takes multiple ice baths per week to prepare the body for the next workout.

Chris Bumstead Ice Bath For Recovery

8. Flexibility and Listening to the Body

While he has a structured routine, Chris also stresses the importance of listening to one’s body. If he thinks a particular muscle group needs more rest or another kind of attention, he’s willing to make changes.

9. Continuous Learning

Chris is known for his humble approach to bodybuilding. He’s always keen on learning and often tweaks his training based on new knowledge or advice from trusted mentors and experts.

Chris Bumstead Nutritional (Diet) Regime

For bodybuilders, nutrition is a cornerstone of success. It helps workouts, helps you recover, and is important for building a winning physique.

Chris Bumstead’s diet is no exception, with a focus on building muscle while keeping his classic lines.

1. Meal Frequency

Chris typically consumes 6-7 meals a day, ensuring a steady flow of nutrients to support muscle growth and recovery.

  • Meal 1: 1 ½ cup Egg Whites, 2 Whole Eggs and 1 cup Oats
  • Meal 2: 8 ounces Chicken, 1 cup Jasmine Rice and 11 ounces Mixed Vegetables
  • Meal 3: 8 ounces White Fish, 7 ounces Sweet Potato and 11 ounces Mixed Vegetables
  • Meal 4: (Pre workout) 7 ounces White Fish and 2 cups Jasmine Rice
  • Meal 5: (Post Workout Shake) 50g 100% Whey Isolate mixed in Water
  • Meal 6: 8 ounces Chicken, 6 ounces Sweet Potato, 2 ounces Broccoli and 2 ounces Asparagus
  • Meal 7: 2 ½ cups Egg Whites, 3 Whole Eggs and 11 ounces Mixed Vegetables

2. Caloric Intake

Chris Bumstead Nutritional (Diet) Regime

3. Supplementation

Supplements are an integral part of the Chris Bumstead regime, providing additional nutritional support. The most common supplements are listed below.

4. Cheat Meals and Flexibility

Chris follows a strict diet, especially during contest preparation, but he occasionally indulges in cheat meals during the off-season.

This can not only give you a mental break, but it can also be a way to boost your metabolism and replenish your glycogen stores.

Chris Bumstead Cheat Meal

5. Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Pre-workout meals typically focus on providing a mix of proteins and carbohydrates for sustained energy. Post-workout nutrition emphasizes quick-digesting carbs and proteins to jump-start the recovery process.

Chris Bumstead Wife/Girlfriend

Chris Bumstead is currently engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Courtney King. King is a former professional bodybuilder and bikini competitor. She is also a successful fitness coach and entrepreneur.

The couple first met in 2017 at the Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition. They started dating in 2018 and have been inseparable ever since. Bumstead proposed to Courtney King in 2022.

Chris Bumstead Wife and Girlfriend

Chris Bumstead Family

Chris Bumstead’s family background is not extensively documented, but here is some information about his family:

  • Chris Bumstead was born to his parents Jeff Bumstead and Mary Bumstead.
  • His father Jeff works as a Chief Information Officer in Kingston, Ontario,
  • while his mother Mary serves as a Human Resource Organization Development Consultant.
  • Chris Bumstead sister Melissa is married to Iain Valliere, who is also an IFBB Professional bodybuilder and was Chris Bumstead’s first coach
Chris Bumstead sister Melissa

CBum Fun Facts and Trivia

  • Chris Bumstead’s nickname is “CBum,” which is a combination of his initials and last name.
  • He started weightlifting at the age of 14 and grew his legs the most between the ninth and twelfth grade.
  • He obtained his IFBB pro card at the age of 21 after winning the IFBB North American Championships in 2016.
  • Chris’s signature moustache has become quite iconic in the bodybuilding community. It brings a vintage vibe, reminiscent of old-school bodybuilders, and has become a part of his brand identity.
  • Chris Bumstead’s favorite cheat meal is pizza, and he also enjoys eating sushi and ice cream.
  • He is an avid snowboarder and loves hitting the slopes during the winter months.
  • He’s also a fan of hiking and camping and often takes trips to explore Canada’s beautiful national parks.
  • Chris Bumstead’s favorite body part to train is his back, and he believes that it is the most important muscle group for overall aesthetics.
  • He is deeply committed to his family and friends, and often credits them with his success in the bodybuilding industry.
  • If you’ve followed Chris on social media, it’s hard to miss his love for animals, especially his pets. They often make cameo appearances in his posts and stories.
  • Beyond the gym and diet, Chris has a penchant for cars. He’s shared his automotive interests, which are a mix of classic tastes and modern ones.


how old is Chris Bumstead

Chris Bumstead is currently 28 years of age. Chris Bumstead was born on February 2, 1995.

What is Chris Bumstead’s weight?

Chris Bumstead is weighs 230 pounds in competition and 264 pounds off-season.

How tall is Chris Bumstead in feet

Chris Bumstead is 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) tall

how many calories does chris bumstead eat

In some interviews and videos, Chris has mentioned consuming anywhere from 4,000 to over 6,000 calories a day depending on his goals at the time.

He eats a variety of foods, including whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables. Bumstead’s high calorie intake is necessary to support his muscle growth and recovery.

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