How To Do 45 Degree Side Bend And Its Benefits

45 Degree side bend exercise is a great workout for core strength and stability. It also knew as bench side bend or Hyperextension bench side bend.

This type of bench was originally designed for lumbar extension. Roman chair allows you to support your hips and legs against pads and braces, with your trunk free to move.

It may also be done on a regular flat exercise bench, in which case you will need a partner to hold your feet.

When done with the right form and technique, it can help a great deal in increasing the strength of the oblique, and the overall strength and stability of the core.

In this article, we will discuss how to do bench side bends. We will also discuss the benefits and alternate of 45 degree hyperextension bench side bends.

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45 Degree Side Bend Benefits

Including hyperextension bench side bend in your workout routine can have several benefits.

  • It also helps to get rid of the extra layer of fat around the waistline.
  • Side bends bring balance to your entire body. They lengthen the abdominal muscles, hips, and thigh muscles, while improving flexibility in the spine.
  • 45 Degree Side Bend stretches the abdominal muscles and digestive organs. This aids and regulates digestion, elimination, and metabolism.
  • Its helps to contribute to a stronger core, reduce the risk of back pain and improve functional movements.
  • Training the oblique muscles will help in shaping and toning the waistline.

Hyperextension Bench Side Bend

The 45 Degree side bend also known as oblique hyperextension is effective at targeting the internal and external obliques, strengthening the lateral flexion of your spine, improving spinal mobility, and helping to develop a strong and stable core.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate.


For an easier variation, you can do bodyweight side bend and for the challenging side bend by using a dumbbell in the hand closest to the floor, a weight plate against your chest, or a weight plate behind your head.

45 Degree Side Bend

Muscles Worked During Hyperextension Bench Side Bend

The 45 Degree bench side bend target the obliques—the two layers of muscles Obliques, (the external and internal obliques) at each side of the waist.

The side bend doesn’t work just the obliques. It also heavily hits the AbsSerratus anterior and the quadratus lumborum.

How To Do 45 Degree Side Bend

  1. Adjust the seat of the hyperextension bench so that your upper body can pivot comfortably at your hips toward the floor. 
  2. Rest the side of the thigh on the pads. Proper tense your leg, so that it stays in place.
  3. Put your hands either at your ears, behind your head or across your body.
  4. Squeeze the butt and lower your body, so it’s on an angle.
  5. Hold for a second and return to the starting position.
  6. Complete the desired number of reps and repeat on the other side.

Proper Form And Tips

Here is a guide on how to do 45 Degree side bends with proper form.

  • Make sure the pad is properly placed against your hip.
  • To work the oblique muscle, perform these exercises slow and steadily.
  • Ensure that you tense your arm behind your ear. So, it’s not swing your body upwards.
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45 degree side bend alternative

If you don’t have the 45 degree hyperextension bench, or gotten 45 Degree side bends or are simply not enjoying them anymore, you can try the following 45 Degree side bends alternative exercises.

1. Alternate Heel Touches

Alternate heel touches also known as lying oblique reach is an at-home workout exercise that targets the oblique and also involves abs.

It is one of the great oblique exercises that can be done easily by beginner and advanced athletes to activate and grow their midsection.

The exercise mimics other oblique exercises such as the side bend and oblique crunch.

2. Russian Twist

The Russian twist is the best alternate for 45 Degree side bends. It engages and strengthens your core muscles as well as your lower back. This exercise helps to tone and tighten your abs and obliques and to trim your waist.

3. Oblique Crunches

The oblique crunch is one of the best bodyweight exercises that target your core muscles—specifically the obliques on the sides of your abdomen.

It is a core exercise that strengthens your obliques as well as the other muscles of the core, including your transverse abdominus and medial glute.

Oblique Crunches


The 45 Degree side bend with plate is an effective exercise to, provided you healthy spine.

Perform it with correct form, to strengthen your core muscles and increase their robustness and resistance to injury.

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