Hindu Pushups: How To, Benefits And Muscles Worked

The Hindu push up is a traditional Indian-style exercise practised by wrestlers and Indian martial artist. Traditional Indian wrestlers are performing Hindu pushups for centuries to strengthen their upper body.

Each repetition includes going from a downward dog position to a cobra pose, swooping by holding the head and body close to the ground.

Bruce Lee also incorporated Hindu pushups in his training regime.

The Hindu push-up provides better strength and endurance to the muscles. It is a complete exercise that gives the body a compounded effect. It provides better flexibility and posture to the body.

Hindu Push-ups can be performed, regardless of where you are and, best of all, they are completely free—no expensive equipment or annual gym fees required.

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Muscled Worked during Hindu Push-Ups

Hindu Push-ups can be an excellent exercise for improving muscle strength and endurance. Adequate knowledge of push-up, anatomy, biomechanics, and variations helps to target the muscle as desired.

The Hindu push-up has survived the test of time and is the single most efficient exercise to simultaneously strengthen the following muscles:

However, Hindu push-ups require many other muscles in the body to work to keep the body in a position. These muscles may include:

Unlike conventional push-up, Hindu pushups aren’t concentrating majorly on the pectoral muscle. Instead, Hindu push-up is an incredible exercise to develop stronger shoulders, pectoral, arms, core, and spine.

Hindu pushup
Hindu Push-Ups

Benefits of Hindu Push-Ups

There are numerous benefits of Hindu push-ups which one can try to experience. Let’s get deep into the details of Hindu Pushups Benefits.

1. Improves mobility and flexibility

The Hindu push-up is a combination of two strong yoga poses that is upward facing dog position and downward dog facing position which give remarkable results in your spine mobility and flexibility.

You will experience a stronger and flexible spine, hip joint and shoulders rotator blades. 

2. Excellent Full-Body Exercise

Hindu push-up works from your whole body, from upper to lower body; it works from your front to back. 

Hindu push-ups worked the following muscle during eccentric and concentric range of motions are – chest, deltoids, Lats, erector spine, triceps, Serratus anterior, abs, glutes, hamstrings.

Your core muscles need to be engaged constantly to keep your body stable as you switch positions. This makes your core stronger and more stable over time.

3. Strength

In Hindu Push-up, you are working on multiple joints and multiple muscle groups at the same time that help to strength the body.

That’s the reason ancient wrestlers and professional fighters used to perform thousands of Hindu pushups to get themselves stronger.

4. Increase Metabolism

Doing Hindu push-ups can be a powerful full-body workout. It improves metabolism and helps to burn more calories. They use up a large amount of energy in a short period because the movements require large muscle groups to lift and hold much of the body’s weight.

5. Endurance

Improving endurance is something to challenge yourself daily and become better than you were before.

Hindu push-up has a strong characteristic of improving your endurance through working on different muscle groups at the same time.

6. Improve Posture

Hindu push-up can be a great exercise for posture problems. Regular use of Hindu pushups also resulted in a reduction of back pain as well.

Its downward dog posture and upward dog posture will correct your body with better posture and stronger spine

Hindu Pushups Vs Regular Pushups

Regular Push-ups are a compound strength-training exercise that involves raising and lowering the body using the arms while facing down in a prone, horizontal position.

The regular push-up has survived the test of time and is the single most efficient exercise to simultaneously strengthen the chest, arms, deltoid, lower back, abs and glutes.

Hindu push-ups are harder than normal push-ups because they require a more complicated move that has to be done in multiple parts.

Similar to a regular push-up, the Hindu push-up strengthens your triceps, pectorals, and deltoids, but with the added benefit of strengthening your hamstrings, abdomen, back muscles, and glutes.

How To Do Hindu Push-Ups

Let’s learn how to perform hindu Pushups perfectly.

Hindu pushup
Hindu Push-Ups
  1. Get in the standard push up position, by placing the hands shoulder width apart and your feet hip-width apart. Keep your core tight and straight back.
  2. Push your torso backward and raise your butt up in the air. Keep your arms, back, and legs in a straight position. In this position, your body will form an inverted V (downward dog)
  3. Bend your elbows to lower your upper chest close to the ground while still keeping your butt up.
  4. While your chest closes towards the floor, scoop your head upwards, while arching the upper and lower back.
  5. Straighten your arms and push your chest in the upward direction, forming an Upward-Facing Dog Position in yoga.
  6. Make sure to keep your chest forward and shoulders blades pulled together, with legs staying tight and active.
  7. Return to the starting position, and repeat the desired number of reps.

Technique to perform The Hindu push-ups

No exercise will be of any importance, if not performed with proper technique. So focused on proper form and movement during workout.

  • Engage your core, relax the spine and neck, open the shoulders and keep the movement smooth.
  • Keep the elbows close to your body.
  • Remember to breathe correctly as you do the push-ups. Inhale as you slowly move from the downward dog position to the upward dog position.
  • The movement should be smooth and controlled.
  • Choose your sets and reps based on your fitness level and ability to keep good technique throughout all sets and repetitions.
  • To prevent injury, you should stretch before doing this exercise. Stretching will help loosen your muscles and enable you to perform this exercise more fluidly.
  • To see continual progress and build body strength, incorporate proper rest, and nutrition into your exercise program.

Beginner Hindu Knee Push-Up

The Hindu push up is a traditional Indian-style exercise practised by wrestlers. This exercise can still help you, even if you’re not training for a battle. Start with a basic form and work your way up to a more difficult form.

A Hindu knee push up is similar to a standard push up, with your knees in contact with the floor. Keeping your knees on the floor reduces the total weight you need to lift in order to complete the motion, while still retaining many of the hindu push-ups benefits.

Each repetition includes going from a downward dog position to a cobra pose, swooping by holding the head and body close to the ground.

Beginner Hindu Knee Push Up

How To Do Beginner Hindu Knee Push Ups

  1. Take the starting position on your knees, start in a downward dog pose, with your hands shoulder-width apart and your knee hip-width apart.
  2. Bend your elbows and lower your chest until it’s just above the floor, going into low plank pose.
  3. In a scooping motion, scoop your head upward while arching your lower and upper back and go into cobra pose.
  4. To return to the starting position, you do not need to reverse back through the sweeping, arching motion.
  5. Simply push back into the starting position.

People Also Ask

How Many Hindu Push Ups A Day

There’s no limit to how many Hindu push-ups you can do in a day. The number of Hindu push ups you do per day depends on your fitness level. If you are a beginner, you should start by doing Hindu push-ups on your knees. I recommend doing 8-20 hindu push up a day. But do not stick to this number. It is important to keep increasing the number to challenge your body.

Are Hindu pushups harder than regular pushups?

Hindu push-ups are harder than regular push ups because they require good form, slow and controlled movements, and a lot of flexibility and coordination.

Can Hindu pushups build muscle?

The Hindu press-up is an extremely effective way to strengthen shoulders, legs, back, hips, and chest muscles. It also provides a good way to strengthen your core. They help build up the muscles in your upper body.


Hindu pushups are a variation of push-up which got its name because of its huge popularity within traditional Indian wrestlers and Indian martial arts style.

Hindu Push Up is a comprehensive exercise that works on your joints and increases the mobility of your body. It provides assistance in increasing flexibility, body posture and cardiovascular health.

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