How To Do EZ Bar Spider Curl

Spider curls are a bicep isolation exercise performed on an incline bench. There are different ways to do a spider curl to build a bigger and stronger bicep. For that, you can use EZ-Bar, dumbbells, and barbells.

The EZ bar’s angled grip puts less stress on the wrists than a straight barbell, reducing the risk of discomfort or strain.

The EZ bar offers multiple grip positions (narrow and wide), allowing you to target different parts of the biceps. A narrow grip focuses more on the long head, while a wider grip targets the short-head bicep.

The incline angle and the supported chest help to isolate the biceps and limit the involvement of the shoulder muscles.

How To Do EZ Bar Spider Curl

  1. Adjust the bench to an angle of 45-60 degrees.
  2. Lean against the bench so that your chest is supported.
  3. Ensure your feet (especially the toes) are well positioned on the floor.
  4. Use your arms to grab the EZ bar with a supinated grip (palms facing up) about shoulder width apart or slightly closer to others.
  5. Let your arms hang in front of your torso. From here, you can have an EZ ready or set it up in front of you.
  6. Slowly curl the EZ bar toward your shoulders and squeeze your biceps forcefully. Squeeze.
  7. Slowly begin to bring the barbell back to the starting position.

Tips and Techniques

  • The ideal bench angle for spider curls is between 45 and 60 degrees.
  • Experiment with different hand placements on the EZ bar to find what feels best.
  • Keep your chest firmly pressed against the bench. This helps isolate the biceps.
  • Avoid using momentum to swing the bar up. Perform each rep slowly and deliberately, both on the concentric (lifting) and eccentric (lowering) phases.
  • This curl variation is usually performed for moderate to high reps, such as 8–12 reps per set or more.
  • Add supersets or drop sets to your routine for increased intensity and muscle fatigue.

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