Name Of Tricep Exercises Using Dumbbell, Barbell, Cable, and Bodyweight

Training your triceps muscles is important if you want your arms to get bigger or stronger.

As a beginner, you may not know the names of many triceps exercises, and without knowing the terminology, it can be difficult to research new exercises or make sense of workouts.

Terms like “close-grip bench press” and “overhead extensions” may sound advanced when you’re just starting out building your triceps.

Don’t worry! This blog post will clearly overview 75 standard triceps exercises for beginners, using easy-to-understand names and descriptions.

The triceps list provides clear images and simple details to help you understand tricep anatomy and exercises.

You must bookmark this reference guide for building strong triceps as a beginner.

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Barbell Tricep Exercises Names

The barbell is a good tool for doing heavy lifting. It helps you work hard and makes your triceps stronger.

This section will introduce more than 15 renowned barbell tricep exercises, with detailed descriptions and illustrative images.

The exercises will cover variations like barbell skull crushers, close-grip bench presses, lying tricep extensions, barbell overhead tricep extensions, and more.

1. Lying Barbell Triceps Extension

Barbell Lying barbell triceps extensions are a great barbell triceps exercise to add to your routine if you’re looking for straightforward barbell triceps exercises.

It is performed while lying on a flat bench and either using a flat barbell, EZ bar, or dumbbell.

The barbell tricep extension (aka skull crusher) is one of the best for building a bigger tricep, as it equally targets all three triceps’ heads.

Barbell Lying Tricep Extension

2. Overhead Barbell Triceps Extension

The overhead triceps extension is another great triceps exercise that can be done with a barbell.

It is a relatively simple yet effective exercise for developing the triceps. It works all three heads of the muscle, and it especially targets the long head of the triceps.

Overhead Barbell Triceps Extension

3. Close-Grip Bench Press

The close grip bench press is superior when discussing barbell exercises for the triceps that will pack mass onto your triceps.

It is an often overlooked but incredibly effective exercise targeting chest and tricep muscles. 

Unlike the traditional bench press, which primarily targets the chest muscles, the close grip version focuses more on the triceps and the inner chest.

What is Close Grip Bench Press

4. Incline Barbell Tricep Extension

As the name suggests, the incline barbell tricep extension is an exercise performed while lying on an incline bench with a barbell held overhead.

 Because of the incline position, you can focus on the long head.

The benefit of doing these movements is that you can hopefully get a deeper stretch in the muscle to activate more muscle fibers.

Incline EZ Bar Skull Crushers

5. Decline Barbell Tricep Extension

Unlike the incline version, where you lie on an incline bench, the decline barbell tricep extension involves lying on a decline bench with a barbell held overhead.

The decline angle creates a deeper stretch in the triceps at the bottom of the movement.

Decline Ez Bar Skull Crusher

6. Reverse Grip Skull Crusher

Reverse skull crushers are a remarkable tricep exercise because they encourage you to keep your elbows tucked in rather than flared out.

While this elbows-in lifting technique certainly trains the triceps well, performing reverse grip skull crushers is actually very dangerous unless you use lifting straps or Versa Grips to keep the bar secure.

Reverse Grip Skull Crusher

7. Reverse Grip Barbell Press

The reversible grip barbell press, a simple and highly effective shoulder-friendly pressing variation, helps build strength in your triceps.

It is often done to improve locking strength and focus on developing triceps.

The reverse grip allows you to alter how the triceps are hit. You should add this barbell triceps workout to your routine.

Reverse Grip Barbell Press

8. Barbell JM Press

The JM press, named after powerlifter Jim Morris, isn’t your average tricep exercise. This unique variation of the barbell press offers a potent blend of benefits for strengthening and sculpting your triceps.

It is a hybrid movement combining elements of a close-grip bench press and a skull crusher (tricep extension).

The exercise starts like a close-grip bench press with the barbell positioned over the chest. As you lower the bar, instead of straight down to the chest, the bar moves towards the chin or upper neck.

Barbell JM Press

9. Close Grip Barbell Floor Press

The close grip barbell floor press is a different way to do bench press and floor press exercises. It works more on the triceps muscles than just the chest.

The close grip and limited range of motion make it a good exercise for strengthening the triceps.

Floor Barbell Chest Press

10. Incline Close Grip Bench Press

The incline close grip bench press combines the benefits of close grip bench presses for working the tricep muscles with the benefits of incline bench exercises for working the upper chest muscles.

You can also use the EZ bar, which is more comfortable for some people because it has an angled grip.

I like using an EZ bar to do close-grip bench exercises. It helps me get good muscle gain without hurting my wrist.

Incline Close Grip Bench Press

11. Close Grip Military Press

The close-grip military press is a great way to work your triceps and shoulders more than the usual overhead press.

This exercise uses a narrower hand placement than the traditional shoulder-width grip.

Close Grip Military Press

12. Reverse Grip Barbell Floor Press

It’s performed similarly to the traditional barbell floor press, but with an underhand (supinated) grip on the barbell.

This grip variation shifts the focus more towards the triceps and the inner chest.

It is a less common variation of the floor press, but it can be effective for those looking to add diversity to their upper body training.

Dumbbell Tricep Exercises Names

Dumbbells are a good way to work out your triceps. You can do different movements to get the muscles working well.

Dumbbells let you work each arm independently, which helps build muscles evenly and prevent imbalances.

Here are more than 20 exercises for your triceps that you can do with a dumbbell. Each exercise is briefly explained with an image.

1. One-Arm Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension

The one-arm dumbbell overhead triceps extension is a single-joint exercise that targets the triceps while increasing stability throughout the core and the shoulder regions.

You can work each arm separately and ensure that the stronger side is not carrying the weaker one by using dumbbells instead of an EZ-bar.

This lets you focus on perfect form in that one arm and allows for a greater range of motion.

One-Arm Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension

2. Dumbbell Kickback

The dumbbell tricep kickback is an isolation exercise. Unlike other exercises, such as the diamond push-up or close grip bench press, it specifically targets the tricep muscle.

It requires limited space with no other special equipment; it is a perfect workout-at-home option for people who cannot afford to hit the gym daily.

Dumbbell Kickback

3. Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension

The dumbbell lying triceps extension is an excellent move to begin your triceps workout routine. It is an isolation exercise, which means they use only one joint.

Triceps extensions can be beneficial for fixing imbalances in the triceps or rehabilitating from injury.

It puts no pressure on the wrists, so they are an alternative for people with wrist strain or injury.

Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension

4. Neutral Grip Dumbbell Press

The neutral grip dumbbell press is a great bench press alternative because it emphasizes chest and triceps without causing shoulder pain.

Because your palms are facing each other, it reduces the strain on your shoulders.

If you are new to performing a neutral grip bench press, you may want to apply a few modifications to make the exercise easier. One way is to use a lighter weight.

Dumbbell Close Grip Tricep Press

5. One-Arm Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension

The lying position allows for a greater range of motion than other tricep exercises, allowing for better muscle activation.

It’s a fantastic exercise for overall tricep development and can be performed in various ways.

It can be performed on the floor using only a dumbbell. This makes it a great exercise you can do at home or while traveling.

One-Arm Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension

6. Two Arm Dumbbell Extension

The seated dumbbell tricep extension is a variation of the tricep extension and an exercise used to isolate the muscles of the triceps.

It is particularly useful in targeting the long head of the triceps muscle. Having a larger and denser long head will give you an overall appearance of a larger tricep.

Two Arm Dumbbell Extension

7. Incline Dumbbell Tricep Extension

The incline dumbbell tricep extension helps to build muscle and strength in all three tricep heads.

It can be used by both those looking to build bigger triceps and those looking to increase their tricep strength.

The benefit of extension movements is getting a deeper stretch in the muscle to activate more muscle fibers.

Incline Dumbbell Tricep Extension

8. Dumbbell Tate Press

It is an advanced tricep exercise that moves the muscle differently but still targets and builds the tricep muscle.

For bodybuilders, the Tate press will offer a unique range of motion to target the triceps. This will help in building a complete pair of horseshoe triceps.

This exercise only requires a pair of dumbbells and a flat surface, so it’s a good option for home workouts.

Dumbbell Tate Press

9. Decline Dumbbell Tricep Extension

The dumbbell decline tricep extension is a variation of the lying dumbbell tricep extension that significantly declines the movement.

It is more effective for two reasons: the use of a neutral grip and the location of the shoulders.

It increases the range of motion to get a bigger stretch on the tricep at the bottom of the move.

Decline Dumbbell Tricep Extension

10. Seated Bent Over Two Arm Dumbbell Kickback

The seated bent-over two-arm dumbbell kickback is a great exercise for building size and strength in all three heads of the triceps.

This exercise uses both arms simultaneously, so the triceps get the same amount of work.

Seated bent-over two-arm dumbbell kickback

11. Dumbbell Floor Press

Doing a Dumbbell Floor Press is a strength training exercise that works the triceps and chest muscles. It is done by lying on the floor and pressing the dumbbells from shoulder level to full extension.

The exercise is good for people with shoulder problems because it reduces shoulder stress compared to the traditional bench press.

It also helps build tricep strength and can be used to develop explosive power.

Dumbbell Floor Press

12. Two-Arm Dumbbell Extension

The seated two-arm overhead dumbbell triceps extension is an isolation exercise that’s great for building and strengthening your triceps brachii.

Keep your elbows close to your head when performing it. This will emphasize your triceps brachii.

Two Arm Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension

13. Two Arm Dumbbell Standing Kickback

The standing two-arm dumbbell triceps kickback variation is performed while standing with both arms extended simultaneously.

It is a great exercise for strengthening the triceps and improving arm stability, so make sure to include it in your workout routine.

Standing Both Arm Dumbbell kickback.

14. Dumbbell Reverse Press

The reverse grip dumbbell press is performed by lying on a flat bench holding dumbbells over your chest with an underhand/ reverse grip.

The reverse hand position makes it beneficial for emphasizing the upper chest muscles and tricep more than the regular dumbbell press with an overhand grip.

Dumbbell Reverse Press

15. Standing Dumbbell Tricep Extension

The standing dumbbell triceps extension is a good way to make your arms bigger and stronger.

It can be performed almost anywhere, requiring only a dumbbell.

For optimal muscle growth, perform 3–4 sets of 8–12 reps while focusing intently on the working muscle groups.

Standing Dumbbell Tricep Extension

16. Dumbbell Cross-Body Tricep Extension

The dumbbell cross-body tricep extension is a unique and effective way to make your arms look and feel stronger.

Unlike the usual exercise where you lower the dumbbell straight down to your forehead, the cross-body tricep extension involves lowering the dumbbell diagonally across your body and towards the opposite shoulder.

The crossover motion emphasizes specific muscle heads and offers diverse benefits.

Dumbbell Cross-Body Tricep Extension

17. Close Grip Dumbbell Push-Up

Push-ups can pose a significant challenge when executed at varying angles and intensities to enhance muscle growth and strength.

Doing a close-grip push-up on the dumbbell works effectively on the chest and triceps. You’ll get a better grip and good muscle contraction during this movement.

If you’re a beginner, I would suggest you do this dumbbell push-up on your knees.

Close Grip Dumbbell Push-Up

18. Dumbbell Twisting Bench Press

The Dumbbell Twisting Bench Press is a variation of the traditional bench press that twists the muscles to work them differently.

  • Start by lying on a bench with dumbbells.
  • As you lower the dumbbells towards your chest, you rotate your wrists so that your palms face towards your head at the bottom of the movement.
  • Then, as you press the dumbbells up, you rotate your wrists back so that your palms face away from your head at the top.
  • This twist works the chest muscles and uniquely engages the triceps and biceps.
Dumbbell Twisting Bench Press

Name Of Cable Tricep Gym Exercises

Cables offer unique flexibility and resistance curves for sculpting the triceps from multiple angles.

The cable machine opens up endless exercise options for hitting all three heads—lateral, medial, and long—at various starting positions. This promotes complete, well-rounded triceps development.

Below are over 20 effective cable triceps exercises with images to add serious mass to your arms.

1. Triceps Pushdown

If you’re looking for straightforward cable machine tricep exercises to add to your routine, triceps pushdown is a great staple exercise to get you started.

Unlike barbell or dumbbell exercises, the cable provides uniform resistance throughout the movement.

The tricep pushdown is a weight-training exercise that targets the tricep muscle. The exercise typically uses a cable machine and a straight bar, V-bar or rope attachment.

Triceps Pushdown

2. Reverse-Grip Triceps Pushdown

Another great exercise for your cable triceps workout is the reverse-grip pushdown. In which an underhand grip focuses effort on the inner long head of the triceps.

Taking an underhand grip can minimize the involvement of the forearms and help to place less stress on the elbows.

Reverse-Grip Triceps Pushdown

3. Cable Triceps Kickback

One of the good examples of a single-arm tricep exercise is the cable tricep kickbacks.

It is a versatile and effective exercise that builds strength and muscle in all three heads of tricep muscle.

Using cables aims to maintain constant tension on target muscles, which is important for muscle hypertrophy.

Cable Triceps Kickback

4. Rope Triceps Pushdown

The rope tricep pushdown is a variation of the cable tricep extension. This exercise is used to build the muscles of the triceps.

Well-built triceps also have many positive carryovers into your pressing movements, such as bench press variations and shoulder press variations.

Rope Triceps Extension

5. Cable Standing High Cross Triceps Extension

If you’re looking for a way to get more creative with your tricep cable workout, why not try Cable Standing High Cross Triceps Extension?

The cable cross tricep extension comes in between a pushdown and a kickback, which absolutely smokes your triceps.

It is a great exercise for those who are very tall and would otherwise struggle to stretch enough triceps.

Cable Standing High Cross Triceps Extension

6. Cable Overhead Triceps Extension

The overhead rope tricep extension is a variation of the rope tricep extension and an exercise used to build the triceps muscles.

A study has shown that the triceps grew more in the overhead position, especially good at targeting the long head of the triceps. The denser your long-head muscle is, the larger the triceps appear overall.

Cable overhead triceps extension

7. One-Arm Reverse-Grip Triceps Pushdown

You can add plenty of single-arm exercises to correct potential imbalances when doing a tricep workout with a cable machine.

Pushdowns are great, no matter how you do them, but using the opposite grip can help you focus more on the outer part of your triceps.

Cable One-Arm Reverse-Grip Triceps Pushdown

8. Cable Lying Triceps Extension

Cable Lying Triceps Extension is a perfect variation of regular skull crushers done with the bar.

This cable version will create constant tension in your triceps and will help you improve your mind and muscle connection.

Cable Lying Triceps Extension

9. Incline Cable Triceps Extension

One of the best exercises for drawing and pumping triceps is the extension of the hands due to the tricep overhead extensions, which involve all the beams.

It can be beneficial for fixing imbalances in the triceps or rehabilitating from injury.

Cable Tricep Extension puts no pressure on the wrists, so they are an alternative for people with wrist strain or injury.

Incline Cable Triceps Extension

10. Cable High Pulley Overhead Extension

The overhead rope tricep extension is a variation of the rope tricep extension and an exercise used to build the triceps muscles.

Overhead tricep extension variations are especially good at targeting the long head of the triceps.

Cable High Pulley Overhead Extension

11. One-Arm Cable Overhead Extensions

You can use this exercise to target each side of the triceps separately.

This will balance the strength of each arm and will give you an asymmetrical look. This exercise can be done standing or seated.

One-arm Cable Overhead Extensions

12. Cable Concentration Triceps Extension

The cable concentration triceps extension is a unilateral exercise (i.e., an exercise with which you train one side of your body at a time).

As with all unilateral exercises, start with your weak side. To promote equal strength on both sides, do not perform more repetitions with your strong side.

Make sure that you kneel in such a place and position to ensure optimal resistance throughout the exercise’s full range of motion.

Cable Concentration Triceps Extension

13. V- Bar Triceps Pushdown

The cable V-bar pushdown is a great alternative for your triceps. The angled bar lets you lift heavier weights than a straight bar or rope.

There are many variations to this movement. For instance, you can use an E-Z bar attachment and a straight cable bar attachment for different exercise variations.

Triceps Pushdown V- Bar

14. Cable Kneeling Triceps Extension

This is one of the best two-arm cable tricep exercises that you can do during your arm workout.

The kneeling cable triceps extension is a single-joint exercise meant to isolate the triceps muscles using a high pulley on a cable stack and a bench.

It can also be performed in a tall-kneeling stance from a low pulley. It is most commonly used in muscle-building triceps or arm workouts.

Cable Kneeling Triceps Extension

15. Cable Rear Drive

The cable rear drive is an exercise that builds muscle and strength in both the triceps and rear deltoids. It’s like two exercises targeting two different muscles.

When you go heavy with the cable rear drive, numerous muscles in your legs and core are significantly activated to stabilize your body.


16. Single Arm Cross Body Cable Tricep Extension

The cross-body movement in this exercise targets the lateral head of the triceps muscle more effectively than other single arm tricep extensions.

When you move your arms and legs together, the triceps muscles get stretched out more at the bottom of the movement. This makes the muscle work harder and gives it more room to grow.

17. Two Arm Cable Triceps Kickback

The double-arm triceps kick-back is a popular movement to increase the size and strength of the triceps.

It is usually performed for moderate to high reps, at least 8-12 reps, as part of an upper-body or arm-focused workout.

Two Arm Cable Triceps Kickback

18. One Arm Rope Tricep Pushdown

The one-arm rope tricep pushdown is a variation of the tricep pushdown exercise that is performed using a rope attachment and one arm at a time.

This variation allows for increased isolation of the tricep muscle a greater range of motion.

One Arm Rope Tricep Pushdown

Gym Machine Tricep Exercises With Image

The foundation of any tricep workout should be free weights, but machines can provide unique benefits.

Machine tricep exercises help you work the pecs muscles by moving them in a specific way. This helps the muscles work harder. Machines also allow the lifting of heavy loads with an optimized strength curve.

We detail 10+ effective machine tricep moves with images to build a thicker, more sculpted arm.

1. Machine Tricep Dip

The tricep machine dip is a type of strength training equipment designed to work the muscles of the triceps. It is a variation of the traditional tricep dip that uses a machine instead of bodyweight.

The tricep dip machine provides a more controlled and isolated environment than a parallel bar dip. It minimizes the use of the chest, shoulders, and back.

It is a great exercise for beginners who want to bigger and stronger arms.

Tricep Machine Dip

2. Machine Tricep Extension

The tricep extension machine is a great way to improve your mind-muscle connection because it involves a very strict movement that targets the triceps very well.

The machine provides continuous resistance as you raise and lower the weight, which makes it harder to cheat and isolate the triceps.

It’s beginner-friendly and doesn’t need much setup or adjustment.

Machine Triceps Extension

3. Machine-Assisted Tricep Dip

The assisted tricep dip is a machine-based exercise that mimics a triceps dip, a bodyweight exercise performed on parallel bars or a pull-up and dip station.

The machine typically consists of two parallel bars or handles that are attached to a weight stack.

It is a great way to train lower chest muscles, and triceps. It can be especially useful for those who find bodyweight dips challenging.

Machine Assisted Chest Dip

4. Smith Machine Hex Press

Try the Smith machine hex press if you want one more effective smith machine chest exercise.

It effectively targets the inner chest and tricep.

Hex press by the Smith machine gives effective engagement and excellent weight distribution. However, organizing isn’t easy and requires lots of attention and details.

Smith Machine Hex Press

5. Smith Machine Incline Tricep Extension

With the Smith machine, you can isolate your triceps and strengthen them. This exercise is different from the classic overhead bar extension.

Compared to flat bench variations, the incline position emphasizes the long head.

Smith Machine Incline Tricep Extension.

6. Smith Machine Close-Grip Bench Press

It uses the Smith machine for more stability and control. It’s more stable than a barbell, so it’s easier to focus on muscle contractions instead of balancing the bar. 

The barbell on the Smith machine has a fixed path, which can be helpful for people who are new to the exercise or want to lift more.

Smith Machine Close-Grip Bench Press

Bodyweight Tricep Exercises With Image

While weight training builds immense tricep strength, you should not underestimate calisthenics training. Bodyweight exercises can help you build power and stability.

Pushups may be king, but dozens of challenging bodyweight moves target the chest from all angles.

Here is a list of 15 of the best tricep exercises, with images showing the exact body position for each move.

1. Bench Dip

bench dip is a medium-intensity exercise that uses your own bodyweight to strengthen your triceps.

Bench dips are fairly simple to learn and can be done almost anywhere, making them a great exercise for home-workout.

This is one of the simplest and best bodyweight exercises; you should add this bodyweight triceps exercise to your workout regime.

Bench Dip

2. Diamond Push-Up On Knees

The diamond push-up on knees is an excellent bodyweight triceps exercise for developing the triceps that can be done at home.

To practice knee diamond push-ups, bring your hands close together to form a diamond or triangle shape below your chest.

Diamond push-up on knees

3. Kneeling Bodyweight Triceps Extension

Kneeling bodyweight triceps extension is one of the best exercises to isolate your triceps without dumbbells, barbells, and weight machines.

It’s an ideal beginner’s tricep exercise for those with limited upper body strength, and it can be used to build muscle and strength progressively.

Kneeling bodyweight triceps extension

4. Close Grip Push-Ups

If you’re looking for a good bodyweight triceps exercise, then close grip push ups are the one movement you should do.

Diamond or triangle push-ups are a more advanced variation of the classic push-ups.

This is a unique movement because it does an outstanding job of developing the lateral (outermost) tricep head. Doing them contributes to the horseshoe tricep look many trainees aspire for.

Close Grip Band Push Up

5. Bench Dip With Elevated Legs

The Bench Dip with elevated legs is a bodyweight exercise that targets the triceps muscles, shoulders, and chest.

The exercise involves using a bench or sturdy surface to support your weight as you perform dips.

The legs are elevated, adding additional resistance to the exercise and challenging the triceps muscles even more.

Bench Dip With Elevated Legs

6. Parallel Bar Triceps Dip

Parallel bar triceps dips are one of the most effective compound movements for the upper body, pushing muscles in the chest and triceps and anterior deltoid.

It is one of the best bodyweight exercises for building triceps mass when performed on narrow parallel bars with elbows back and your torso upright.

Parallel Bar Triceps Dip

7. One Arm Bench Dip

The one-arm bench dip is a challenging and very effective movement that primarily targets your triceps, but your glutes and quads also get worked secondarily.

This is not a beginner’s exercise or for someone with inadequate upper body strength. You could also try bench dip for an easier variation.

One-Arm Bench Dip

8. Plank To Push-Up

Plank to Push-up is a full-body exercise and variation of a plank. The move takes a standard plank to the next level by adding an element of control, moving arm work.

Maintaining a plank position, you alternate between a forearm plank and a high plank. This exercise serves as an excellent core and strengthens the triceps.

Plank To Pushup

9. Hindu Push Up

The Hindu push-up is a variety of pushups that have existed for centuries among Indian martial artists. It works on core strength, shoulders, hips, and triceps.

Each repetition includes going from a downward dog position to a cobra pose, swooping by holding the head and body close to the ground.

Hindu pushup

10. Close Grip Medicine Ball Push-Up

The close-grip medicine ball push-up is an upper-body strength exercise that targets the chest and shoulders, slightly emphasizing the triceps.

The unstable surface of the ball also helps improve core strength and stability.

Resistance can be reduced by performing push-ups with knees bent on the floor or placing a medicine ball on a higher platform.

Close Grip Medicine Ball Push Up

11. Pike Push Up

Pike Push-ups are a variation of the push-up that increases strength and stability in the shoulders and triceps.

Performing the exercise more uprightly will target the shoulders more than the chest.

The pike push-up looks like a mash-up of Downward-Facing Dog and Dolphin Pose, and this move can build major strength.

Pike Push Up

12. Handstand Push Up

The handstand push-up, also called the vertical push-up is a type of push-up exercise where the body is positioned in a handstand.

To prepare the strength until one has built adequate balance, the feet are often placed against a wall, held by a partner, or secured in some other way from falling.

Handstand pushups require significant strength, balance, and control if performed freestanding.

Handstand Push Up

13. Stability Ball Push Up

Using a Swiss ball (or exercise ball) can bring an extra element to triceps pushups, giving you an uneven surface to increase the difficulty.

You’ll have to focus on keeping your balance on the ball, which allows you to work harder than you would if you were doing the standard push-up.

Push-ups with the hands placed on a stability ball significantly increased triceps brachii activation.

Stability Ball Push Up

14. Single Dumbbell Push Ups

Single dumbbell push-up variations also improve grip strength, which is essential when handling heavy dumbbells.

This is a great full-body exercise because the abs, glutes, and thighs will contract in this position to support you.

Single dumbbell push ups

15. Cross Arm Push Up

Cross Arm Push-Up is a variation of the traditional push-up that targets the chest, triceps, and shoulders. Due to the cross-arm placement, it added additional emphasis to the triceps muscles.

This variation is more advanced and should be approached with caution, especially for people who are new to push-ups or have shoulder issues.

Cross Arm Push Up

16. Bodyweight Skull Crusher

The bodyweight skull crusher is a compound exercise that targets the triceps muscles without needing weights or equipment. It can be performed using just your body and an open space. 

Even though the name might make it sound chilling, it’s safe and effective when done correctly.

Bodyweight Skull Crusher

17. Tricep Floor Dip

This is the best tricep dip that you can do at home on the floor. Tricep dips on the floor are still a good tricep workout but will require more reps to fatigue the triceps.

This is probably the least effective of the five, but you can use it as a variation if you don’t have a bench, chairs, or anything else to work with.

Tricep Floor Dip

18. Shoulder Tap Push Up

The shoulder tap push-up is a variation of the push-up that challenges the core to a greater extent than its traditional counterpart.

Once you can do at least ten full push-ups, you should be able to start incorporating some shoulder taps into the mix.

Shoulder Tap Push Ups

19. Bosu Push Up

Performing push-ups on a Bosu ball requires greater core stability and engagement. The unstable surface challenges your core muscles to work harder to maintain balance and control.

The Bosu ball, “Both Sides Up,” is a half-sphere stability training device with one side flat and the other inflated.

Bosu Push Up

20. One Arm Push-Up

A one-arm push-up is a compound exercise that requires far more strength and balance than a standard push-up using two arms.

This variation allows you to train unilaterally (one side of your body at a time), which is typically an option with traditional pushups.

It just might be one of the most difficult body-weight exercises to master.

One Arm Push-Up

21. Archer Push-Up

The Archer Pushups are different from regular Pushups because you use one hand to do the exercise and the other hand to help you.

This means that the chest, shoulder, and triceps muscles on one side are being worked while the other side is helping to hold the body together. This allows you to train one side with greater focus and intensity.

Archer Push-Up

22. Side Push Up

Side Push-Up is a bodyweight exercise that works the chest, triceps, and core muscles. It focuses on one side of the body at a time.

This exercise is good for making your arms and chest stronger. It is hard because you focus on one arm and one side of your chest.

It’s a good way to strengthen your upper body by adding weights to your workout routine.

Side Push Up


Over 75 triceps exercises are covered, and there are plenty of ways to chisel, develop, and challenge your triceps muscles.

There are many ways to do things, like traditional tricep extensions and more unusual ones, like the cross triceps extension and side push-up.

With so many creative triceps exercises to explore beyond just standard presses, your physique will have no choice but to expand to impressive new proportions!

Choose from the list and get ready to see your triceps grow to new levels of size and definition.

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